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Gorkha Gaun

A quintessence Nepali village resort with a blend of great hospitality and rustic luxury. The place is a perfect sanctuary that awaits all those who want to discover Gorkha and experience Nepal.


The district of Gorkha has a lot of variations in elevation and climate; as a result, there are a lot of deviations in the flora and fauna found in the region. The southern lowlands have a subtropical climate with soaring hot temperatures and within fifty Kilometers, there are some of the highest mountains in the world.


Gorkha is considered “The Birth Place” of Nepal. King Prithvi Narayan Shah with his small band of Gorkhali Soldiers started (1743 AD) the unification of 54 small states to build today’s Nepal. The same Gorkhali Soldiers’ are the real ancestors of today’s infamous “Gurkhas” serving in the British, Indian, and Nepali Army since 1816 AD. The main Hindu festival of Nepal “Dassai” officially starts in Nepal when the “Ful-Pati” (Flower and Leaves) blessed by the “Kali Goddess” from Gorkha Fort gets walked to Kathmandu and gets accepted into “Hanuman Dhoka Palace” with a full military ceremony.


Many resorts like to advertise that they are environmentally friendly because that is the “buzzword” today. The big difference is that Gorkha Gaun is just that. We produce 80% of the power with solar energy. Gorkha Gaun is also working to recycle 80% of grey water. Our goal is to have the same environmental footprint as a few small family houses in the surrounding villages.