About Us

Welcome to GORKHA GAUN

Gorkha Gaun Resort is ideally located in the lush green hills of Gorkha, facing Mt. Manaslu- the eight highest peak in the world, Gorkha Gaun Resort is 140 Km west of Kathmandu and around four hour drive from the capital. The place is widely known for its historical reasons, being home to the first king of Nepal who united Nepal and hence provides a unique opportunity to visit the famous and historical Gorkha Fort and Gorkha Museum. It is also a perfect stopover on the way to Pokhara, Chitwan, Bandipur or for anyone looking for an authentic Nepali village experience true to our name, away from the hustle and bustle of city life !

Our cottages offer the spirit of tranquility with a myriad of views in natural surroundings along with sheer comfort. We offer services par excellence with traditional hospitality. Our services include a salient restaurant and bar perched on the top with authentic local and continental food, short treks and a guided tour of the nearby villages. Our local staff are happy to welcome guests beyond the resort to experience their community. We believe in responsible tourism, generate 80% of our electric energy from solar panels and operate with an aim to reduce, reuse and recycle.



Our vision for Gorkha Gaun is to create a small gaun (village) using as much locally available material as possible to provide a decent level of comfort to our guests. We will have a feeling of living in a village environment as opposed to total seclusion and isolation. Our team will be trained to create a place that will be sustainable by using as few resources as possible for day-to-day operations. This model e.g. using electrical and thermal solar power, proper waste management, communication (exposure) with international guests, personal hygiene, etc. will have a positive impact on the local community. Since we will be hiring most of the staff from the local villages; we hope to replicate this model in the village through our staff.



Our staff members are a very important part of Gorkha Gaun. They are the front face of GG who act as the bridge between the guests and the lodge. The friendly staff are always there to help the guests with their general needs but they are also there to introduce our guests to the wonderful village and the lovely people that make Gorkha so enjoyable. We encourage our team to treat our guests exactly how they would treat their guests in their homes to create a home away from home environment. Most of our team members are locals and will happily tell you more about the surrounding areas and beyond.